Argumentering med amerikanere

I det siste døgnet har jeg posta litt i kommentarene til en bloggpost som tar for seg det amerikanske helsevesenet vs. sosialisert helsevesen slik vi har her i Norge. Mye rart kommer fram av det:

Beyond «Sicko» –

Noen utrag fra de sterke meningene:

    – Collectivizing things never leads to improved results. There’s not one instance of it working that way
    – If there is one thing that the twentieth century should have taught us is the horrors of socialism.
    George Lundstrom
    – What do I have against socialism. Well, let’s see. USSR–Union of SOCIALIST Republic. 25-60 million dead. Nazi–short for national SOCIALISM–do we really know how many dead? Every communist dictator calls their country socialist. How could I possibly be against socialism? Back to my original point–there is no right to health care; imposing it is morally wrong. There is no right way to do the wrong thing. End of story!
    George Lundstrom
    – Why do you guys even bother to write this blog anymore. I see you’re out whoring on the keyboard for your firm’s extensive list of insurance clients.
    – Michael Moore is not even American he is Canadian making money downing the Americans. He is not a person who can be trusted and his movies are not allowed in my house if they are brought in they are destroyed.

Følg med på at undertegnede hiver seg inn i diskusjonen med brask, bram og kildehenvisning.

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