Håvar Skaugenhowie

Born: 28.04.86
In: Bærum
Lives: Bergen
phone: +47 41932810


2011 - 2012	One year pedagogy course, Universtiy of Bergen
2008 - 		Bachelor in Cognitive Science, Universtiy of Bergen
2006 - 2009	Performing jazz, Grieg Academy, University of Bergen


2009 - 		Phoneatic Saksofonkvartett
2008 - 		Fedy Six
2007 - 		Storband 90
2006 - 		Impetus
2006 - 2007	Storbandet Blæst
2006 - 2007	GeneriskMetaKvintett
2005 -		Snag
2003 - 2005	Føyka Storband

kort biografi

Håvar has played rhythmical music since the age of 13, first in several of Bærum’s many big bands and then in some of Sandvika RockTeater’s produktions and several small jazz combos. After a year at the jazz course on Sund FHS, he moved to Bergen where he attended the Grieg Academy for an undergraduate in performing jazz and joined Bergen’s multifaceted music scene. Here he has performed on Nattjazz, Bergen International Festival, all the jazz clubs in town and together with bands such as Bart, Josefin Winter and November Homecoming.


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